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Chiara's Marriage Week 10/17th of July 2004
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I was waiting this day since the very start of 2004...
The first of "us", Florentinian girls married on 17th of July, in a wonderful sunny day.
In these pages you'll follow me in the entire week from 10 to 17th of July.. fromthe batchelor party till the "I do" (and beyond) hours... enjoy :)

Chiara smiling and pose at the start...
of her batchelor party on July 10th

Chiara is one of my closest friends.
We know one another since a life and we share all friends.
I cannot even try to explain the emotion I have been feeling during these blessing days with her, cos that's to do entirely with my deepest essences and words are just not enough to explain a soul's motion.
I hope through our faces smiling, and watchin Chiara's joy painted all over her sunny face, you can fully get what words could never tell.

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Chiara's Image Gift I made

me and Monia
at the batchelor party

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