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Chiara's Marriage Week 10/17th of July 2004
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Page 1 Batchelor Party 01


The party for Chiara on June 10th (took a train in the morning to come at you!!!) was decided to be in Viareggio and on the Versilia coast.
Posh place number one... The Pinolo Bar... to start all in tone ;)




Look at the crew.. and start to imagine a very MESSY, colourful, pleasant time.
15 girls alone...ehehh :P


we are not kinky. ThoughI admit these pictures cannot constitute evidence of that.
Oh.. and if you wonder why I am not in the pics so far.. ehy! I have to take them.. cannot always be in them too ;)



the idea was hot.. to catch the maximum numbers of passes for every possible night club to get in after the restaurant time.. Guess how many passes in how many different clubs we got?
Well.. aim higher...
Maybe THAT high can reach the number ;)


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