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Chiara's Marriage Week 10/17th of July 2004
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Page 3 Big Day 01


Let's Get the big Day start!!!!
Me and Ila at Ila's house... getting ready to the hours of care&love...



Overshining sunny day... hot but not humid...
Long dresses mostly cos teh party was at night.. but also short and very elegant ones (look Monia). Allunder Chiara's house... and next to Monia and Mauro new built house... Next in rows to marry.. are they!!!!




Marco (the husband, not stef's bro) was super fit&beautiful in his Pignatelli's suit.. very handsome partner for our golden wife don't you think? :)




GOTTA say this... Florentinian definitely beated Prato's creek interms of elegance and class.. overhall.. judge yourself the mises of each one of us there ;)


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