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Chiara's Marriage Week 10/17th of July 2004
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Page 7 Big Day 05


Like it's use to.. the guests arrived before than the married at restaurant.. to have a pleasant break in the beautiful hills of the Villa while they were takin pictures for the marriage albums and film..

Relaxed and chatting, all of us were into conversations and snacky drinks (not I.. I am teetotal though I sipped champagne for cheering the married at the end of the eating..).
Admire freely our mises.. eheheh :P




Surprise surprise... more beauty to catch ;) and this wonderful smile from Ilaria that will be soon a gift for her :)





Stef seemed to not suffer terribly from his injury at ankle and calf.. though being he so stubborn.. one can never guess what he's really feeling as pain and ache.. *sigh*



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