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Chiara's Marriage Week 10/17th of July 2004
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Page 8 Big Day 06


Okay..first picture here is cheesy I know.. but I took it to let an artist and person that I adore, gunsan ( from Sweden)  rework it in her awesomely "fairy" style. Look at Friends Gift from July 2004 and you will see the result ;)




The location of Villa Raspigliosi was awesome.. in the garden with lemons (in fact the place is also called "The Limonaia") we had a great tasting dinner.. among jockes at tables and lots of cheerings for the married (always started by Ilaria's Massy.. there's a reason for that ;) ) and with all possible fanciable events around us involving all of the guests :)




Marco's cousins Chiara and Irene.. ah!!! two wonderful models.. But I have to say they weren't the only ones around. Thatday, females against males in terms of beauty was a won battle by females without a single doubt ;)



The day was just so plenty of things.. we literally didn't perceive time rushing.. that happens when people have fun.. and you can tell it from all of these pictures I guess :)


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