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Meli Posing Strange

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Here you can find various versions of me.
There are included The Meli Meets Cure series (with black wig) the poses I have taken for my own artworks, and the poses made with Nikon Zeiss camera of my father under estudionegro (Black_St)'s request.
I had fun in "playing" these roles.
But all those who know me, know that I don't really feel that kind of vamp.
Note: all pictures are taken with no postwork. The film grain is due to developing of an old film. Technique not mine, of course: I asked a mate who's in the business to make me obtain that "ancient" effect in natural way that was not including postwork.
Yes.. I am the artdirector of the poses and styles.
Some as you will see.. are kind of homages to david La Chapelle saturated style of photos.
Now.. enjoy.
PS: Larger versions of all pics are available under request and after my decision about them. Mail me to communicate with me.

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