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Meli's Life from October 2004 to February 2005
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I Know... I made you wait A LOT...
and lot has happened since last summer.
Some of you know, some of you don't...

... I changed job. I found my spaces for life and stuff.
Still wait from University new good calls to make my career complete, and completely satisfying.
I had guests, I will have them... I got my low moments, but I also met new and special people.
Life in the end is always surprising.
And we can find new strenght in hard times.
Well... I collaged something valuable from these past months...
next updates are gonna be... the house completely furnished (still waiting some minor things... but it won't take longtime more!)
My BDay, My Uni discussion,some Swedish lovely visitor here in Lodi, Monia's marriage...
then my cousin Cinzia's... then holidays...
and Elli's marriage.
Then, it should be about time that I am starting to talk about MY own marriage ;)
But we've got time... Enjoy these 14 collages now, Hugs, your Meli :)

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